COVID-19 Church Survey Third Round Report

This third survey from Exponential received 767 online responses from June 2020 took place as protests broiled and tensions mounted leading up to the 2020 presidential election. 67% of respondents were not gathering in person, compared to 33% who were. The survey shows congregation division over online vs. in person worship, with rural congregations more certain about re-opening than urban congregations. Respondents reported State Leadership (67%), Local Leadership (52%), and Church Leaders (52%) as having significant influence in reopening. President Trump’s decision to call Houses of Worship as essential had no influence on 61% of respondents, but some to significant influence on 34% of respondents.

Resource Details

  • Attribution: Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Send Institute / Exponential / Association of Related Churches (ARC)
  • Theme/Topic: National Perspectives
  • Resource Type: Survey Reports
  • Date: 06/16/2021