State of the Bible: Left Unread During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The 10th annual "State of the Bible" survey compared data collected in January and June 2020. It reports that the number of American adults the American Bible Society considers “Scripture engaged” dropped significantly from 28% to 22.7% between January and June. The decreases in Bible use is in line with what the American Bible Society has seen over the past decade of the survey project, however, the pandemic seems to have led to a greater drop and changes related to women's useage: women had previously led men in Bible engagement every year of the survey, yet in June 2020 slightly trailed behind men, perhaps related to the extra demands that mothers in particular have faced during the pandemic.

Resource Details

  • Attribution: American Bible Society and Barna Group
  • Theme/Topic: National Perspectives
  • Resource Type: Survey Reports
  • Date: 07/22/2020