Impact of COVID-19 on US Orthodox Christian Parishes (Phase 2)

This is a phase II survey conducted by the American Orthodox Christian Churches seeking to understand how Orthodox congregations were adapting to the pandemic. The survey took place from May 4-9 and included responses from 234 parishes across the country representing seven Orthodox jurisdictions and included open-ended responses. Respondents reported online services is up 17 points from the phase I survey conducted a month early prior to Easter (47% to 64%). Respondents cited greater obstacles to creating engaging content and reaching parishioners without proper technology, but 44% report that online attendance is higher than pre-pandemic averages. The survey addresses religious education and children’s ministries finding 41% of congregations had cancelled children's ministies. Additionally, the study found older and ethnic parishes were more likely to face financial hardship than innovative and highly educated parishes.

Resource Details

  • Attribution: Orthodox Reality
  • Theme/Topic: Denominations
  • Resource Type: Survey Reports
  • Date: 05/19/2020